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Jumbo Wild Comes to Alberta

Highline and Patagonia Elements partner to bring film screenings to Canmore, Banff and Calgary.

Short film making waves

“Connectivity: The restoration of 40 Mile Creek” opened for a packed house at Patagonia’s “Damnation” during this year’s Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival.

Backcountry Booting with the Golden Boys

Normally, Sunday is a day of rest.

Our Top Pick for BMFF Opening Weekend: Wild Bill’s Run

The Banff Mountain Film Festival took us to many places this past weekend and ones you normally expect to find at the Festival – climbing in The Karakoram, travelling with the nomadic people in Ladakh, on expedition with a surgical team in Mustang, and into a backcountry hut with Rockies legend, Chic Scott. But the film that really stole the…

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Two Biologists and a Boy: Under Alar’s Spell

Dylan lays in front of a lichen-speckled grey rock, his head resting on an old canvas army bag. Spread around him are the contents of the bag: an old tin, a tattered black and white picture of Mount Columbia, a bone-covered jackknife, and a very old black and brass telescope. Behind him, Parkers Ridge is lit by thousands of fuzzy…

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