Food with Altitude

Energy Drinks: Enough Sugar to Fill a Ski Boot

Winter in the Bow Valley is a time when the term “butterlicious powder” earns approving looks and complaints about having to delayer to go to the bathroom receive sympathetic nods. Residents take advantage of the cold months with marathon cross-country ski trips, epic backcountry board sessions and formidable alpine ascents. All that hardcore winter-loving can really crush a person’s body. It’s hard to…

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Breakfast: The Ultimate Guide

If there is one cliché in the nutrition world that has got to go, it’’s that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” We get it! We know! In fact, 90% of Americans (no word on Canadians) acknowledge that eating breakfast is a good idea. But does that get us anywhere? No! Because approximately 50% still don’’t eat…

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Runners Unite: Stop a Sidestitch Before It Strikes

By guest writer, Cary Bohnet A sense of joy settles in as you’re out for a spring jog on your favourite trail; you’re thankful the snow is gone, and you’re ready to start another summer of trail running. Then it happens!  The monster every runner fears—CRAMP!!! Side stitch, abdominal cramp, a hot poker in the ribs—call it what you wish. It can…

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Foot Fetish

Our feet are the foundation of our body and in a healthy, uniformly developed body, the feet should be supple, strong and flexible.