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Know Your Neighbour Night: Summer 2015

A fancy photo gallery.

Highline live on Banff Centre Radio

Highline + Banff Centre Radio = Buds4Lyfe! Our fearless leader Kristy fills listeners in on what Highline is all about in a candid one-on-one interview with our favourite local radio station.

Beware the “Me Monster”

As holiday season approaches and those staff Christmas parties loom, it’s time to brush up on your escape tactics before you find yourself unprepared and face to face with a Me Monster.

Keep Calm and Fight FOMO

Do you still FOMO like a MOFO? It’s time to get a hold on all that fear, folks! Here’s your five step plan to recovery.

What Happens in Canmore, Stays in Canmore

You might be surprised to find out your neighbour raises chickens, Highline digs deep into this topic in the upcoming Underground Issue.

Mind the Small Stuff

When you find the brown season getting you down, look deeper into the details. It sure is prime time to get down and dirty in the delightful world of macro photography.

Pho yo’ information, vegetarians

Highline recipe guru Mystee Maisonet has done it again! Just when you thought comfort food couldn’t get any better, she blows you away with this mouth-watering vegetarian Pho. Perfect for this chilly spring season we’re having.

Forty Thousand Dollars Richer

Busy people doing big things! If you’re looking for a way to give back to local charities but you just don’t have much time to spare then this just might be the perfect solution for you.

Splendid Spring Sippers

Would you look at that! Green(ish) grass and heaps of sunshine to boot. It’s almost like we’re experiencing SPRING in the Bow Valley. This calls for a celebration!

Curiosity to Explore

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but we bet the stunning landscapes captured by Wild Flour featured artist Kevin Annala just might leave you speechless.

Insta-Snapshot! 2014

Congrats to Jessica Price, our winning entry — based on creativity, uniqueness and major fun factor — of our Insta-Snapshot contest.

Rocky Mountain Microgreen Gardening

We know all your Highliners out there love diggin’ in the dirt, so this one is for you!

Gear Review: Arc’teryx Cerium Lt Hoody

Do you find yourself shivering in the back country while your friends remain toasty warm and happy? Have no fear, the Arc’teryx Cerium is here!

New to the Highline Crew

Along with the grass that’s growing just beneath the snow these days, the Highline team is growing, too.

Kohlrabi Salad with Jungle Peanuts

This warm weather has us all geared up for a fantastic spring season. What better way to celebrate than with a bowl of this fresh inspired Thai veggie salad from the kitchen of Mystee Maisonet.

It’s the final countdown

Cue 80s hairband themes. Highline has been short-listed for three Alberta Magazine Publishers Association awards. Woot woot! Check out the selections.

Oh, Snap! Photo Contest 2013

Photo by Jody Goodwin. The finalists from our Oh, Snap! Photo Contest have now been uploaded to our Facebook Page for voting!

The Highline Strawberry Balsamic Popsicle with Cracked Pepper

We created this gorgeous ruby red “Highline” popsicle for  the peak of strawberry season! But, we’re always changing up our menu to feature the best fruits at the best times. You can get your very own popsicle at Manna Momma at the Banff Farmer’s Market every Wednesday (near Banff Central Park) through summer, or you can make your own! Makes about…

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Bear Spray Gone Astray

Barry Blanchard, local alpinist and mountain guide, was recently criticized in the media for neglecting to have his bear spray with him when he ran into a grizzly bear. He and his client subsequently spent four hours huddled in a tree near Lake Louise, fending off the bear. In Barry’’s defense, after hearing the confessions from some locals involving accidental…

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Highline Summer 2012 Mix Tape

“‘Cause life ain’t nothin’ but a good groove, a good mix tape to put you in the right mood.” -Professor Booty What’s a summer roadtrip without a killer mixtape? Get it at iTunes by searching “Highline Summer 2012 Mix.” Side A 1. Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag – James Brown 2. Lady Don’t Tek No – Latyrx 3. Hey…

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