Highline Events

Know Your Neighbour Night: Summer 2015

A fancy photo gallery.

Highline live on Banff Centre Radio

Highline + Banff Centre Radio = Buds4Lyfe! Our fearless leader Kristy fills listeners in on what Highline is all about in a candid one-on-one interview with our favourite local radio station.

The Best Mountain Book Ever Written

I hope you’re ready to expand your reading list. Going into this event at the http://www.blanketstories.net/order-urispas-komposisi/ http://www.elenalucia.com/rogaine-foam-over-the-counter/ Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival on November 1, I was really curious about how the panel would make a choice for the best mountain book ever written. How does one even go about making such a claim? What would the criteria be…

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