Local Events

Neighbours of the Summer Season Opener

Dive in and learn more about the neighbours from the Summer Season Opener as they shed water and insight.

Neighbours of the Banff Farmers Market

Holy shiitake, we love our local farmers markets! Hear some food for thought from a few Folks of the Banff Farmers Market.

Beating the Backcountry Blues

Backcountry snowpack can be misleading, with lurking layers of danger covered by a pure blanket of untouched champagne pow; enough to make any snow addict drool.

Gear Review: Arc’teryx Cerium Lt Hoody

Do you find yourself shivering in the back country while your friends remain toasty warm and happy? Have no fear, the Arc’teryx Cerium is here!

Reflecting in the Rockies

The Rockies are the perfect place for reflection and these photos give us a lot to reflect on.

Naked Man vs Grizzly Bear

"What would the world be like if we all showed up just a little more naked?" — Al Tinholt

Are You Avi Aware?

Whether you are ducking under the fence for a few lines or touring in the backcountry, travel in mountainous terrain comes with risk.

Slippery When Wet; Cutting Teeth (and Shins) on Bow Valley Trails

Chloe is the proud, new (and slightly scraped up) owner of a mountain bike.

Backcountry Booting with the Golden Boys

Normally, Sunday is a day of rest.

Getting to Know the American Dipper

I’ve had a few conversations lately with people who either love or hate a particular species of bird.

The Best Mountain Book Ever Written

I hope you’re ready to expand your reading list. Going into this event at the http://www.blanketstories.net/order-urispas-komposisi/ http://www.elenalucia.com/rogaine-foam-over-the-counter/ Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival on November 1, I was really curious about how the panel would make a choice for the best mountain book ever written. How does one even go about making such a claim? What would the criteria be…

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