Gear Reviews

Duct Tape: Bring It

With a roll of duct tape and a creative mind, what more do you need?

Curiosity to Explore

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but we bet the stunning landscapes captured by Wild Flour featured artist Kevin Annala just might leave you speechless.

Nights out with Paul Zizka

A glimpse into the late-night photo life of Banff-based photographer Paul Zizka. He’s legit the Bruno Engler of our generation.

Snowpack Revelations

The first day of 2014 found Chloe Vance in the backcountry. Standing on the precipice of another new year, she began to dig through the diverse accumulation of her personal past year’s “snowpack.”

GEAR REVIEW: Exped Airmat Basic UL

The Exped Airmat is comfortable enough to drive me into a nap only hours after I’ve had a full night’s sleep on a real mattress.

Naked Man vs Grizzly Bear

"What would the world be like if we all showed up just a little more naked?" — Al Tinholt

Are You Avi Aware?

Whether you are ducking under the fence for a few lines or touring in the backcountry, travel in mountainous terrain comes with risk.

Banff Mountain Film Festival: Opening Weekend 2013

Make sure to snag tickets to the Banff Mountain Film Festival soon!

GEAR REVIEW: Sierra Designs Cloud Layering System

Our gear tester/whisperer Patrick Hutchison gives these sweet threads five stars.

Gear Review: BOGS Classic High Handles

Rating  [rating=4] $90.00 CAD Reviewer: Kristy Davison My Gear Style: Function Over Fashion Use It ‘’Til It Disintegrates Hand-Me-Down Hero Recreational Athlete This is my first pair of BOGS. They’ve been on many a lengthy stroll on both the streets and the trails, in dry and super snowy/muddy spring and winter conditions. They are the kind of boot that I…

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