Art + Soul

Glen Boles: Feature Mountain Illustrator

The story of celebrated local alpinist and artist Glen Boles, as told by Lynn Martel. Browse his incredible drawings and find yourself transported to new summits.

Learning to Climb in a Climbing Mecca: 5 Resources in the Bow Valley

Do you climb?  The list of outdoor activities that draw people to the Bow Valley is as long as the Bow River. Ascending its way to the top of that list is rock climbing, an outdoor pursuit that anchors, and sometimes dominates, the social and recreation time for local residents. What if you are currently a non-climber and would like…

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Beautiful Choss

If you venture into an establishment that won’t evict you for dirty fingernails, you may spot it: it’s the table with the haggard-looking eyes-glazed-over pair, slumping over beers that they are wearily guarding with their life.