Art + Soul

Street Skiing Scene from All.I.Can

The rad-guys from Sherpas Cinema have released JP Auclair’s street skiing clip from their award-winning film, All.I.Can. If you haven’t seen the full movie yet, find a way to change that at, and this can be a teaser. If you have seen it…you know what you’re in for. Enjoy! – Highline JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.) from Sherpas…

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Mighty Neighbourly

Know Your Neighbour Night, Round Deux was a blast! Check out the photo gallery here. Films “The Freedom Chair” and “All.I.Can.” blew everyone away and inspired some interesting conversations, and The Eerie Green and Her and Us kept the party flowin’ all night long. Kudos to Sabrina Harper and Stefan Grecu for the impromptu Flash Mob! Thanks a million to all our sponsors, volunteers, and…

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