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‘Sculpted in Time’ by Sherpas Cinema

Sherpas Cinema is quickly becoming a household name here in the Rockies. Their 2013 feature ‘Into the Mind’ brought us a cinematic marvel that explored what it means to have the courage to risk fatal exposure while embracing the perseverance demanded on the quest for achievement. ‘Into the Mind’ painted a philosophical portrait of human kind while taking the viewer on a cinematic tour of majestic terrain throughout Bolivia, Alaska and the Himalayas. 

This year, Sherpas Cinema has brought their philosophy back home. ‘Sculpted in Time’ comes back to the Rockies and explores not only the roots of the founders of Sherpas Cinema, but also the roots of generations of skiers in these great mountains and the inspiration behind our ski culture. From local legends to professional skiers, resort groomers to backcountry slopes, ‘Sculpted in Time’ presents the viewer with the absolute grandeur of our mountain peaks and demonstrates how their raw nature has reigned supreme for generations. 

Enjoy the entire web mini-series here.

Sculpted in Time

The Wise Man

The Character

The Artist

The Innovator





Street Skiing Scene from All.I.Can

The rad-guys from Sherpas Cinema have released JP Auclair’s street skiing clip from their award-winning film, All.I.Can. If you haven’t seen the full movie yet, find a way to change that at, and this can be a teaser. If you have seen it…you know what you’re in for. Enjoy! – Highline

JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.) from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

Check out JP’s interview with National Geographic, for some interesting thoughts on the art and soul of street skiing.

Mighty Neighbourly

Know Your Neighbour Night, Round Deux was a blast! Check out the photo gallery here.

Dance off! All photos by Chloe Vance.

Films “The Freedom Chair” and “All.I.Can.” blew everyone away and inspired some interesting conversations, and The Eerie Green and Her and Us kept the party flowin’ all night long.

Kudos to Sabrina Harper and Stefan Grecu for the impromptu Flash Mob!

Thanks a million to all our sponsors, volunteers, and everyone who came out to watch the films and party: A heartfelt thanks to the Live It, Love It” FoundationConnected in MotionThe “What Now?” Program, the Rocky Mountain Sherpas, and the Canadian Avalance Foundation for putting the wheels in motion for this neighbourly hoe-down.

And of course, we owe a debt of gratitude to Know Your Neighbour Night’s faithful sponsors: Pam Warburton and the Cornerstone Theatre (host), The Banff Ave Brewing Co. (beer, beer and more beer!), The Grizzly Paw (soft drinks), The Pro Image (poster printing), Harvest Moon Acoustics (sound systems and prizes), Redstone Custom Window Fashions (screen), Hugh Simson (projector loan), and raffle prizes from Rossignol (skis and a snowboard…holy cow!), Patagonia, Arc’teryx, Sherpas Cinemas, The Canadian Avalanche Foundation, The Banff Tea Co., and Buff Canada.

Mighty neighbourly!