Gear Reviews

Duct Tape: Bring It

With a roll of duct tape and a creative mind, what more do you need?

Wi-fi in the Wild?

What do you guys think about wi-fi in the wilderness?

Morning Glory

The early bird catches the photos with the most surreal shades of orange.

Naked Man vs Grizzly Bear

"What would the world be like if we all showed up just a little more naked?" — Al Tinholt

Are You Avi Aware?

Whether you are ducking under the fence for a few lines or touring in the backcountry, travel in mountainous terrain comes with risk.

Searching for Wilderness in the Great Bear Rainforest

See the beauty and untamed wildness of the Great Bear Rainforest for yourself in this eight-minute video made by a group of three Canmore friends.

Tales & Trails: An Interview with Author Lynn Martel

I would suggest that everyone has their own ante, but the best way to up it is to expand your horizons, literally.