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Back of the Pack Tactics

A user’s guide: lying, cheating, and manipulating your way to a great day in the backcountry.

Insta-Snapshot! 2014

Congrats to Jessica Price, our winning entry — based on creativity, uniqueness and major fun factor — of our Insta-Snapshot contest.

Gear Review: Arc’teryx Cerium Lt Hoody

Do you find yourself shivering in the back country while your friends remain toasty warm and happy? Have no fear, the Arc’teryx Cerium is here!

Highline Mag + Skoki Lodge = BFFs

Despite our best attempts to wrap a homemade friendship bracelet around Skoki Lodge and then wear one of the same size on our wrists during our visit, Highline is now BFFs with Skoki.

Morning Glory

The early bird catches the photos with the most surreal shades of orange.


Playing smart and safe in the mountains with fellow female skiers! Chloe took an avi skills training course to feel more confident.

Hemp Hot Chocolate

This nutritious hot chocolate is sure to warm you this winter! Buy My favourite sweetener is hazelnut flavored agave syrup but raw honey or maple syrup are equally delicious. If using honey or maple syrup to sweeten, try a pinch of cayenne and a 1/4 tsp. of ground cinnamon for a Mexican twist. -2 cups very warm water (remove from…

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Still Life: Winter is Back

Order Winter is back and in his latest photo collection, Brian Van Tighem takes us to one of the most idyllic locations in the mountains: a backcountry cabin quietly nestled in a snowy forest. We’re always up for a big ski, crackling fire, candlelit cabin and pot of tea far away from civilization. – Highline Get out your skis, snowboards,…

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Winter Weekend Traffic

When you think of landscape photos in the Rockies, you’re probably not inclined to think of the image of traffic roaring through on the highway. But if you’re looking for it, beauty can often be found in unexpected places. This photograph shows the pace of traffic through the Bow Valley on a cold Sunday evening in winter as weekend crowds…

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The Sound of Silence

Feeling socially overwhelmed during the holidays is as certain for me as a stomachache induced by a chocolate breakfast on Christmas morning. Have you had the misfortune of listening to the radio lately? Yikes, I actually start to grit my teeth when some pop star’’s banal rendition of ‘”All I Want For Christmas”’ attacks my ears. Between the terrible Christmas songs…

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