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Back of the Pack Tactics

A user’s guide: lying, cheating, and manipulating your way to a great day in the backcountry.


Playing smart and safe in the mountains with fellow female skiers! Chloe took an avi skills training course to feel more confident.

Hemp Hot Chocolate

This nutritious hot chocolate is sure to warm you this winter! Buy My favourite sweetener is hazelnut flavored agave syrup but raw honey or maple syrup are equally delicious. If using honey or maple syrup to sweeten, try a pinch of cayenne and a 1/4 tsp. of ground cinnamon for a Mexican twist. -2 cups very warm water (remove from…

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The Sound of Silence

Feeling socially overwhelmed during the holidays is as certain for me as a stomachache induced by a chocolate breakfast on Christmas morning. Have you had the misfortune of listening to the radio lately? Yikes, I actually start to grit my teeth when some pop star’’s banal rendition of ‘”All I Want For Christmas”’ attacks my ears. Between the terrible Christmas songs…

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