The One Rule of Summer

I’m a summer kinda guy.


Give me green trees, short sleeves, and buzzing bees; those are my needs. I know you winterphiles are out there: you people that live for fresh powder, Christmas and a good game of pond hockey. I can respect your love of the season but I certainly can’t understand it. I fight winter every day. I ride my bike until my fingers freeze to the brakes. I throw on a parka and BBQ in December. I drink summer ales year-round, just out of spite. And all the while I itch for the day I can throw on shorts and treat my milky calves to some Vitamin D.

Everyone had matching towels! Courtesy Corrie DiManno.

Everyone had matching towels! Courtesy Corrie DiManno.

While I wait for the Earth’s axial tilt to favour me, I daydream a list of summer plans. I vow that for every minute I’m stuck inside this winter, I’ll live large for twice that time outside this summer. I promise myself epic hikes, sick bike rides and hilarious softball games. I lay down a blueprint for the best summer of my life. By the time June rolls around I’m so excited I’m sleeping in my bike shorts.

As always, summer goes by faster than a canoe ride down the Bow. Next thing I know, it’s September. Wait, what? Summer…nooooo! I went to six weddings? Worked how many weekends? Spent how many evenings on a patio? No! Please… please.. just six.. okay five more weeks. I swear I won’t waste them!

But by then it’s too late. Soon there’s a snow shovel in my hands and I’m cursing my neglect. This year though, this year will be different. And it starts right here:

The Summer Bucket List


1. Bike Louise to Jasper: Apparently one of the top bike rides in the world, I’ve yet to experience this epic trip. And I swear I won’t be head down, pushing 90 RPM the entire time. I’m going to keep my look around and appreciate. Promise.


2. Reacquaint with Waterton: This is my favourite park in the province and I used to try to get there every summer. 2013 will mark four years since my last visit. I hang my head in shame.

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3. Overnighter at Abbott’s Hut: An apparently awesome scramble leads to this Hut, the second highest in the Rockies. The historic building was built in 1922, looks incredibly quaint, and I need to see it.


4. Lake of the Hanging Glacier: This one is my Everest. Every time I plan for it, something comes up. I want it. Badly.

I’ve got mine down. Now it’s up to you. This is the year you make things happen. Write down those adventures you’ve been putting off. Make your summer bucket list, because when it comes to the most glorious season, there’s only one rule: don’t waste it.


John Reid

John Reid

John Reid is a University of Calgary Faculty of Kinesiology graduate and Precision Nutrition Certified Sports Nutritionist. When he’s not rowing for the Calgary Row Club you’ll find him enjoying every possible second in the mountains hiking, trail running and road cycling.

Outside of sports, John is involved with the Branch Out Neurological Foundation, a local non-profit charitable organization dedicated to fundraising for new and alternative forms of treatment for neurological disorders.

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