The Snack Attack Survival Kit

By Katherine Feeney

You never know when he’’s going to appear. He arrives suddenly and unexpectedly, causes pain, a foggy brain, low energy, poor judgment and cravings galore. This, my friends, is the Snack Attack.

So much better than a box of Oreos! Photo and handy lunch pack by Nordiska Design.

To fight the Snack Attack we must be prepared at all times with awesome snacks (store bought cookies and muffins won’’t do). If we feed him sugar and refined foods he’’s going to attack frequently. You don’’t have time to deal with him all day because you are out slack-lining, yoga-ing, hooping, biking, running, hiking, skiing and snowshoeing. I think you see my point: you are always on-the-go (and I didn’’t even mention work in between all of this).

To help you defend yourself against the Snack Attack I’ve put together some ammunition: a simple list of snacks you can pack ahead of time. These snacks are packed with nutrients that will help you continue to do all the activities you love. It’’s never too late too prepare.

The Snack Attack Survival Kit

  • max power trail mix: combine raw nuts and seeds, and your favourite dried fruits (no sugar added; my personal favourites are unsulfured apricots, hunza raisins and mulberries), coconut ribbons and cacao nibs
  • homemade granola bars or sesame snacks
  • veggies and hummus or nut-butter
  • rice cakes or brown rice crackers with hummus or nut-butter
  • fruit; choose fruits that are in season for maximum nutrients
  • snack-bars: Larabar, Elevate Me, Vega Energy Bars, etc.

Things to consider when purchasing snack bars:

  • choose options with 5 ingredients or less
  • make sure there are no hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated oils
  • sugar should not be on the list
  • no artificial sweeteners

If you have any awesome recipes or ideas please share them below with a comment!

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  1.  Good post . Once received the treatments then its the time to attain health and the products described are the best ones for it .

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