Whyte Museum’s Gateway to the Rockies

East Gate of Rocky Mountains Park, 1921, Byron Harmon photographer, colourizing Kitty E. McLeod, (V263/NA-3436), Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.

My feet tread lightly on a plastic sheet as I enter the construction zone of the Whyte Museum’s new Gateway to the Rockies exhibition.

As the museum’s Marketing and Communications Specialist, Pamela Challoner, guides me through the tangled web of artifacts yet to be installed, she gets a yelp from Curator of Photography, Craig Richards, who is mounted on an early 1900s-era touring car, fiddling with a piece of cardboard. As Pamela goes to help him, I take a look around. From where I am standing I can see a helicopter and the replica front end of a well-known cabin – none other than Skoki Lodge. I wonder what’s around the corner, and how the exhibition will look once it is complete.

Pinnacle near Abbot Pass, September 20, 1930, photograph by Dr. George K. K. Link, colourizing Kitty E. McLeod, (V683/I.C.a.i.), Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies

The Gateway to the Rockies exhibition is set to launch on May 12, 2012, and while only a portion of the exhibit was ready when I took my sneak peek, I left thoroughly impressed and excited for how this exhibition will elevate the history of the Canadian Rockies.

The exhibition weaves together the story of the men and women who shaped the culture of the Rockies. From the First Nations and David Thompson to the Parks Canada Wardens and the Brewster Family, each panel and section demonstrates how the mountains were opened up to new forms of exploration.

The Gateway to the Rockies exhibition was first conceived in 2009, and it has taken three years to bring all the stories to life. Each artifact, document, piece of art or photograph was meticulously chosen to represent each era in Rockies history (no small task for the team at the Whyte Museum).

For your own sneak peek of the exhibition, check out the Whyte Museum’s blog posts. Better yet, come see it for yourself after May 12, 2012!

Grand Opening Reception
Saturday, May 12, 7 to 9 PM
Tickets $25 per person, FREE for Museum Members
RSVP required.

Please email [email protected] or phone 403-762-2291 ext. 300

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