Extras: Winter Issue 2011-2012

Each issue of Highline Magazine we have more content than we have room for, and often want to provide our readers with some supplementary information – extra resources, videos and articles that will help to enhance the subjects we feature in the magazine. Here are some of those resources for our Winter 2011-2011 issue!

Freestyle & Forgotten: The Rise and Demise of Ski Ballet

Highline and RTown Banff recreate the Magic (Thanks to Dan, Erin, Meghan and Paul!)

YouTube Videos – some of our favs!

Ms. Chapstick does a “piste” de deux with John Eaves in this Bogner clip.

Sleek suits and pointed tips.

Chris Simboli, one of Canada’s greatest ski ballet professionals. Watch his moon walk!

Banff: A Park for the People?

Supplementary documents:

Provisional Guidelines for New Recreational Activities in Banff National Park

Banff Management Plan


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